Thermal Focus: Thermal Management Trends in Aerospace Electronics Design


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For most electronics, thermal faults result in production delays, product recalls and reliability issues. In the aerospace industry, however, the consequences of a thermal failure can be catastrophic. Our thermal simulation software is used by the world’s leading aerospace brands to ensure the reliability, effectiveness and safety of their designs. To better understand the thermal challenges facing these organizations, we launched our latest Thermal Focus report, drawing on expert opinions from Thales Group, TEN TECH LLC, CMC Electronics and POC.


Download the full report to find out:

The top thermal trends in aerospace electronics in 2021

How to manage thermal complications in extreme environments

How 3D printing is being used in aerospace thermal design

The best CFD solutions for aerospace thermal design


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Why 6SigmaET for Aerospace?

Electronics products developed for the aerospace industry face unique challenges: they need to be lightweight and rugged, while still working correctly at high altitudes. Many new thermal solutions also incorporate liquid cooling systems, adding another layer of complexity to designs.

6SigmaET overcomes these challenges, providing fast, accurate simulations for heat flow and liquid cooling, as well as intelligent components, adjustments for solar radiation and altitude-based modelling for aerospace design.

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