Thermal Management Trends in
LED and Lighting Design

In this report, we brought together three thermal experts working with leading LED and lighting brands. These included Signify, Optimal Thermal Solutions and Thal Technologies. Our experts analyzed the emerging challenges facing the LED electronics industry, identifying the top trends and the best CFD solutions for LED and lighting design.

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“Time to market is critical. Unfortunately, many designers don’t have the time, or indeed the budget, to do the proper thermal simulations required. This could potentially cause problems later down the chain.”

Ad Muster

Thal Technologies


“For LED devices, everything depends on temperature,but temperature depends on
everything else. It’s so interlinked that it’s impossible to look at it in isolation: the entire
design matters.”

Chris Aldham

Future Facilities


The benefit of the IOT is that we can combine experimental testing with simulation tools, so we can really get a good idea of how our LED products work in reality. This is something to take advantage of moving forward.”

Norbert Engelberts

Optimal Thermal Solutions


Thermal Simulation of LEDs

See how 6SigmaET is used for the thermal management and simulation of LEDs. 

Case Studies

For more information on how the world's biggest lighting brands use our CFD technology, check out our latest case studies.

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LED Replacement Light Bulb

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Natural Convention LED

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ATS: LED Street Lamp