“The trend of electronics is clearly towards the consolidation of functions on a circuit board.”

Maik Rümmler

Brose Group


“Very soon, electrical parts will outnumber mechanical parts in cars. Designing proper thermal solutions in confined spaces will become even more of a challenge. Engineers should focus on simulating these difficult environments early on, to avoid costly reliability issues down the line.”

Chris Aldham



“To operate in the higher ambient temperature of the automotive environment, the thermal solution for high power chip sets has to be highly integrated with the mechanical packaging design. With 6SigmaET, I can import board IDF and mechanical 3D models directly into the simulation to reduce modelling time.”

Wendy Lu

AutoX Inc



Thermal simulation in the automotive industry 

See how 6SigmaET is being used for the thermal management and simulation in the automotive industry:


Watch this video to learn how, by switching to 6SigmaET, top German automotive suppliers accelerated its automotive thermal design:


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