In consideration of the Customer's interest in 6SigmaET, the Supplier hereby grants to the Customer non-exclusive non-transferable temporary node locked licences to use subject to the following:-

  1. The Program may be used by the Customer only for the purposes of testing and evaluating the suitability of the Program for its use.

  2. Title, copyright and all other proprietary rights in the Program and associated documentation and all parts and copies thereof shall remain vested in the Supplier.

  3. The Customer shall not copy or duplicate the Program or any associated documentation without the Supplier's prior written consent except that the Customer may make one security copy of the Program only.

  4. The Customer shall not disclose the Program or associated documentation or any part thereof to any third party without the prior written consent of the Supplier and both parties shall keep confidential all other information so designated obtained under or in connection with this Agreement.

  5. The Trial Period may be extended by agreement in writing between the parties. At the end of the Trial Period or an extended Trial Period the temporary licence shall terminate and the Customer shall either enter into a Licence Agreement with the Supplier for the use of the Program or return the Program and all copies thereof to the Supplier together with all associated documentation. Alternatively, at the option of the Supplier, the Customer shall destroy the Program, and all copies thereof and all associated documentation and certify to the Supplier that this has been carried out.

  6. The Program is supplied to the Customer under this Agreement without any express or implied warranties relating thereto and all such liability shall be excluded the fullest extent permissible by law except as expressly stated herein. The Customer shall indemnify the Supplier against any loss claim or damage (including personal injury) arising out of the Customer's use or possession of the Program provided that such loss claim or damage is not caused by the negligence of the Supplier, its employees or agents. Under no circumstances shall the Supplier be liable to the Customer for consequential loss or damage including loss of business or of profit or of contracts arising out of the Customer's use or possession of the Program.