The State of Thermal

Despite 71% of thermal engineers not being completely satisfied with their simulation package, 60% haven't switched provider in over 3 years

This report provides an insight into the lives of 117 thermal professionals, examining their attitudes towards thermal simulation, how easy it is for them to run simulations successfully and whether they have the right tools to support them. Through these questions, our State of Thermal report provides invaluable insight into the changing face of thermal analysis in 2017.




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Why Switch to 6SigmaET?

6SigmaET provides unmatched speed in importing detailed CAD geometry and PCB designs, gridding and providing accurate solutions for various applications. This has been corroborated by an independent study done by Rohde & Schwarz comparing 6SigmaET with alternative software.

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Why Rohde & Schwarz Made the Switch

In 7 out of 12 cases 6SigmaET could solve models that were not possible using the alternate software, despite heavy simplification

Renowned test and measurement equipment designer Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG recently presented a comparison between 6SigmaET and another, market leading, thermal simulation software.

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Thermal management is now a critical factor in modern electronics design, helping you to avoid performance reduction, ensure reliability & prevent safety issues. 




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6SigmaET is an award-winning thermal modeling tool specifically designed for the electronics industry. It uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to create accurate thermal models of electronic equipment. 


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6SigmaET performed well as part of an independent research study carried out by Thales. 

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Our advanced features to enable you to design, solve, and analyze your thermal models faster than ever before. 

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Our software enables you to optimize the best thermal performance while reducing your time to market.

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