What's New in Release 12

We’re continually evolving 6SigmaET to keep our users ahead in a fast-paced market. In Release 12, we’ve focused our improvements on four key areas: Modeling, Performance, Usability and Collaboration. See what's new or download the update below.

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Improved Modeling

We've added bonded heat sink modeling objects and made improvements to the radial fan, blower and TEC objects in Release 12. You can now also model detailed layers on the substrate object.

Are you modeling screens, lamps, laser scanners or other equipment with transparent materials? R12 lets you simulate the heat radiation and solar radiation through these materials. 

Ever simulated a leaky liquid cooling system, then struggled to find the leak? We've added leak detection functionality to solve this.

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Better Performance - Image


Better Performance

Independent research has found 6SigmaET to be the fastest electronics thermal simulation software on the market. However, we are continually working to further improve performance.

6SigmaET's unique multi-level unstructured staggered grid system has been further enhanced in R12 with a new Boundary Cell Reconstruction Method, improving solid/fluid interface representation for greater performance and accuracy.

Solver larger models with our reassembly improvements -- it's up to 10x faster for unstructured grids. Optimize your solving performance with detailed breakdowns of the latest solver runtime.


Increased Usability

Modeling in 6SigmaET is now even easier: new sub-assemblies allow you to group items, while improved object positioning lets you change the origin of group obstructions and sub-assemblies.

Are you a 3D mouse user? R12 lets you use your 3D mouse with 6SigmaET, making model manipulation even faster.

The new Control View helps you visualize the controllers and sensors in your model, and the connections between them, while the updated Welcome Screen helps you find what you need quickly.

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Supply Chain Collaboration

Thermal engineers need to centralize data from across their organization and suppliers to create an accurate thermal model. We're working hard to make this as wasy as possible in 6SigmaET.

We've integrated with ODB++ in R12, making PCB importing easier while preserving more object detail. Component manufacturers can now also create DELPHI compact models in 6SigmaET to share with customers.

We're continually working with suppliers to expand the 6SigmaET library, adding new fans from Papst and TIMs from Parket Chromerics in R12.