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Devices continue to shrink in size, but rise in power. The pressure to pack more and more functionality into tighter and tighter spaces means that heat removal and thermal management in devices continue to get more challenging for designers. If engineers are to meet technical, budgetary and timing constraints now facing them, choosing the right CFD software tool is essential.


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What is CFD Software?

CFD software uses Computational Fluid Dynamics to create accurate thermal models of electronic equipment. 6SigmaET is a thermal simulation software package that uses advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to create reliable, accurate models of electronic equipment. Built specifically for speed, ease, and accuracy, 6SigmaET is the ideal CFD software toolset for the electronics industry. 

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Why use CFD Software?

CFD software empowers engineers to overcome thermal challenges to meet design requirements. 6SigmaET stands out because of its power and speed. 6SigmaET’s powerful unstructured CFD solver can quickly handle even the most complex models. In a time-to-solution comparison by Rohde & Schwarz, 6SigmaET was found to have faster preparation time, faster pre-processing times and faster solve times than its nearest competitor. 

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CFD software enables electronics engineers to fix thermal issues before physical prototyping, saving money and time in the process. Accelerate your thermal design with 6SigmaET, thermal simulation software for electronics powered by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 6SigmaET is user friendly for novices and advanced users alike. Try 6SigmaET for free for 30 days here.