Thermal Engineer Day 2018

23 July, 2018


It’s July 24th. And here in the UK scorching temperatures look set to make this the hottest summer in 42 years. Which kind of makes it the perfect day — and the perfect time of year — to celebrate the contributions of thermal engineers!

It’s the one day of the year when all eyes are on the vastly underrated (and often underappreciated) hard work that thermal engineers do. This year, at 6SigmaET, we chose to mark National Thermal Engineer Day by sending out Christmas cards to our closest clients and friends.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why Christmas cards?

Well, as thermal engineers, it’s our job to plan ahead, to think about how thermal issues could impact our designs long before they reach the market. Unfortunately, not all engineers are looking that far ahead.

Our ‘The Heat is On…’ research report, which incorporates data from over 350 professional electronics engineers found that 75% don’t test the thermal performance of their designs until late in the design process. 56% also don’t run these tests until after their first, and often costly, prototype, while 27% wait until after a design is complete before even considering thermal complications.

By failing to simulate and test the thermal reliability of their designs early on, engineers risk major delays further down the line, adding unnecessary costs to their projects and potentially resulting in less reliable end products.

That’s why, this year we’ve decided to ‘shift Christmas left’ – using Thermal Engineer Day to raise awareness for the need to test their products as early in advance as possible.

So this July, why not join us in decking the halls with heatsinks and hanging your stocking with a dab of thermal paste. Keep an eye out for a Christmas card from all of us here at 6SigmaET, and have a very merry Thermal Engineer Day 2018.

Blog written by: Tom Gregory, Product Manager

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