Ten Years of Simulation with 6SigmaET

26 June, 2019

This month, we at Future Facilities are celebrating ten years since the first release of our award-winning thermal simulation software for electronics, 6SigmaET. First launched at Semi-Therm in 2009, 6SigmaET led the way for thermal simulation providers, introducing a stream of industry-first features and a revolutionary solving approach.

At the heart of this approach was 6SigmaET’s innovative unstructured grid solver, which allowed engineers to examine the thermal implications of their designs at both unprecedented levels of detail and record-breaking speeds. As the rest of the simulation market went on to adopt these technologies as the industry standard, we at Future Facilities continued our commitment to innovation, looking for new ways to enhance our products and improve the overall efficiency of thermal design.

Whether through our ongoing commitment to industry research, our adoption of cloud-solving technology, our experiments with virtual reality, or our mission to establish a cross-platform "neutral file format," 6SigmaET has spent a decade at the forefront of thermal management, simulation and design.

Now, to celebrate this role as an industry leader, Future Facilities has commissioned the creation of an interactive history of 6SigmaET, providing an animated timeline of the products, projects and innovations that have been shaped by our software over the last ten years.  

To explore the new timeline, visit our 10 Year Anniversary landing page.