Software Tip: 'Using the Find Tool'

22 September, 2017

Using the find tool makes editing and analyzing models easier. You can use it to select specific objects for bulk editing or find objects with certain results. Let's see how you can use it.

How does the tool work? 

Press CTRL+F to open the find tool dialog.

Select one of the three radio buttons depending on what you want to search for. The following describes how each one works:

1. Match all of the following

It selects objects that comply with all of the constraints listed - (statement 1 AND 2 are true)

2. Match any of the following

It selects object that complies with at least one of the listed constraints (statement 1 OR 2 is true)

3. Match the following in turn

The tool moves down the list of constraints and only searches through the results from the previous line. You can choose which level will be selected using the target radio button. 

Let's go through the example shown in the screenshot, to explain the third option. The first line finds all PCBs. The second line looks at all Components within the selected PCB and finds Components with maximum junction temperature greater than or equal to 85°C. The third line searches this set of components for items with maximum junction temperature less than or equal to 90°C. The target is set to the first line, which means once 'Find' is pressed, PCBs containing component operating between 85-90°C be selected.

You can search for any attribute on any object, not just simulation results, which are listed in the second drop down menu once you've selected an object.

Blog written by Paul Harrison, Senior Consultant Engineer