Rohde & Schwarz: Increasing efficiency with state-of-the art simulation software

31 May, 2018

When it comes to designing, testing and building modern electronic products, thermal simulation is becoming an integral part of the design flow. 

As devices get slimmer but components more powerful, thermal simulation has become an essential tool to deal with the greater heat output produced by high-performance hardware. It has become vital to control overheating, which can have a significant impact on the usability, reliability and longevity of a device. 

Prior to finalizing the design of a product, engineers need access to reliable, accurate and actionable simulation and test data before committing to full production. 

But there is an industry-wide struggle with simulation products that leave a lot to be desired in terms of both solve times and accuracy. In our State of Thermal report last year 71% of the thermal engineers we surveyed informed us that they were dissatisfied with the products they were using, and 63% said they would like to improve the accuracy of their simulations. 

A client of ours, Rohde & Schwarz, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of information and communication technology products, had previously been limited by the functionality of traditional thermal simulation tools. 

As a result, the company conducted a side-to-side comparison. This analysis found that 6SigmaET was able to deliver faster preparation time, faster pre-processing and faster solving times. This resulted in a total increase in efficiency of 35%. 

Raimund Blankenburg, Mechanical Development Principal at Rhode & Schwarz, said: “Thermal simulation tools have to be accurate and reduce the time of setting up the thermal model. Speed and accuracy are mandatory.

“We wanted a tool that could directly use our CAD model in order to increase our productivity. We were surprised by the functionality of 6SigmaET. Due to our comparison, it is definitely the best tool for R&S in the field of thermal simulation.” 

The impressive results of the comparison underscore the reliability and efficiency of 6SigmaET. By employing ET’s software, Rohde & Schwarz increased significantly the speed of solving its thermal simulations. The result of this was greater efficiency – reducing the time taken for prototyping, testing, and cutting time-to-market. 

As simulation becomes ever more important, it’s important that design teams realize that they don’t have to put up with sub-par simulation tools. As our work with Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates we are constantly evolving our tool and listening to our customers to ensure we deliver functionality that is far ahead of other solutions and gives users exactly what they need to their jobs effectively and efficiently.

For more information, please view the case study here

Blog written by: Tom Gregory, Product Manager