Release 14: Introducing IPC-2581 Import Capability

5 February, 2020

Data transfer continues to be an electronics design bottleneck; however, certain global file formats—like the IPC-2581—are starting to change this. In continuing our commitment to supporting data from the supply chain, we have added IPC-2581 to our extensive list of supported EDA formats. 

What is the IPC-2581 File Format?

IPC-2581 is “a generic standard for printed circuit board and assembly manufacturing description data and transfer methodology” ( It allows for the import of full detail PCB’s – board shape, component layout, layers, conductors, traces, via’s, etc. IPC-2581 is likely to become the industry standard format for sharing EDA data. The format is maintained by a consortium of PCB design and supply chain companies to ensure neutrality, in contrast to ODB++.

How to Import IPC-2581 in 6SigmaET

IPC-2581 requires a separate license in the same way that ODB++ does. Similarly, the import process follows the same protocol as other imports. Simply select Import IPC-2581 on the Import Ribbon.

Figure 1. Import Ribbon>IPC-2581

Staying Ahead: Making the Import Process Easier

From staying up-to-date on design data transfer trends to establishing supply chain solutions (see our work on the Neutral File Format here), we are constantly working to improve 6SigmaET’s import capabilities, with the end goal of making the electronics design process seamless. Check out what else is new with Release 14 of 6SigmaET here.

Blog written by: Matt Evans, Product Engineer