Release 13 to be Previewed at EDS Next Week

10 October, 2018

Next week, Future Facilities will be at the Engineering Design Show (EDS), the UK’s only event entirely dedicated to engineering, electronics and embedded design.

At this year’s event, held on 17th and 18th October, we’ll be showcasing our latest release of the 6SigmaET thermal simulation tool.

This release incorporates a number of significant modeling enhancements that deliver another boost to overall simulation speed – further extending 6SigmaET’s performance advantage compared to alternative tools.

Alongside the new software, we’ll also be demoing our VR result viewing capabilities, using an Oculus Rift headset to allow engineers to virtually explore their designs and identify thermal issues in three dimensions.

To find out more about 6SigmaET or to experience results in VR, visit stand H55 at the Engineering Design Show, Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

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