Perfecting the Art of Thermal Simulation of Electronics

15 April, 2021

6SigmaET Product Manager Tom Gregory presented Perfecting the Art of Thermal Simulation of Electronics at the 37th annual SEMI-THERM this year. His presentation answers important questions Future Facilities has received about thermal simulation and discusses our most recent product release of 6SigmaET

Why are engineers switching to 6SigmaET?

While Tom’s presentation provides more detail and context, there are a few key reasons why engineers are making the switch to 6SigmaET. Our research has found that many thermal engineers are unhappy with traditional simulation packages. One of the most common complaints is that their thermal simulation software package solves their simulations too slowly. 

In a side-by-side comparison conducted by Rohde & Schwarz, 6SigmaET was found to provide faster preparation time, faster pre-processing and faster solving times than a comparable thermal simulation software package. This meant a total increase in efficiency of 35%. You can find this study and more on this page.

Another reason engineers are switching to 6SigmaET is because our thermal simulation software package can model throughout all stages of the design process, from concept to final design. The earlier you can identify problems, the easier they are to fix. Our testimonials discuss the effectiveness of 6SigmaET here.

Thermal Simulation: Integrate New Technology with Advanced Features

The 15th release of our thermal simulation software 6SigmaET has new features that make it easier to integrate new technologies, like liquid cooling, into your designs. Tom touches on this topic and others in his presentation, including the following: 

  • How can a GPU speed up heat radiation calculation by 100x? 
  • How can I model a cold plate without a CAD model? 
  • How does a 1D flow network speed up modelling of liquid cooling networks? 
  • How can 6SigmaET be used in electronics cooling research projects? 

Find these answers in Tom’s SEMI-THERM presentation here.


Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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