Package Design: Simplify Process and Maximize Detail with the Package Builder

11 July, 2019

When discussing package design with our users and prospective clients, we found that two primary issues continually surfaced: (1) engineers often do not have the necessary data to model packages in detail and (2) package designers are unable to maintain the level of detail in their thermal toolset that they can achieve in 2.5D Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools.

6SigmaET’s Package Builder solves these issues and more. The Package Builder enables engineers to overcome a lack of package design data by giving easily alterable parameters within the Package Builder Wizard, meaning the user can estimate design details to increase the thermal accuracy of results based on their previous design experience. In turn, the package designer can choose the exact level of design detail as well as maintain this detail across system level models, all within 6SigmaET.  

What is the Package Builder? 

The Package Builder enables the user to model each component of the package in detail through a parametric interface and maintain this level of detail in a system level model within 6SigmaET. This feature can be used to specify details regarding the dies, substrates, lead frames, traces, package materials, physical placements (on board and with respect to other chips) and more. 

How to Use the Package Builder

First, select a component you wish to model. Under the Component Property Sheet, open the Construction tab and change Modeling Level from Simplified to Detailed. 

Figure 1. Select Component>Construction Tab>Modeling Level>Detailed

From here, select Package Builder under the Component tab.

Figure 2.  Component>Package Builder

The Package Builder Wizard allows the user to modify and build several subcomponents of the package, specifically Package, Die, Die Pad, Solder Balls, Substrate and Wire Bonds. Expanding these categories will reveal the dimensions, material types, etc. that you can alter at will. The Package Builder also offers default templates for commonly used package types, such as PBGA, FPBGA, PQFP and Flip Chip. 

Figure 3. The Package Builder Wizard enables the user to modify package subcomponents in detail

The Package Builder can be used to build the initial structure of the package that the user can then modify. For example, the Package Builder may only have one die in the model, however, the user can add additional dies in desired locations after exiting the Package Builder Wizard. The user can also add detailed substrate layers through ECAD files to model the conductor trace information, vias, dielectrics, etc. 

It is worth noting that 6SigmaET can use the Package Builder Wizard and/or imported CAD to build package subcomponents. Additionally, the user can add power to the dies as uniform power or as a power map—not only on the entire component but also on individual dies. To learn more about the Power Map feature, check out this blog.

Why Does the Package Builder Feature Matter?

Chip designers no longer have to model packages as basic blocks within larger simulations. 6SigmaET can model system, board AND package level in detail with incredibly fast solves times to boot. 

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Blog written by: Priam Fernandes, Sales Manager & Danielle Gibson, Technical Marketing Writer