Modeling Liquid Cooled Electronics with 6SigmaET Release 15

1 March, 2021

We recently launched the 15th release of our thermal simulation software 6SigmaET. 6SigmaET uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate models of electronics and is known for its accuracy and automation. 

Customer feedback and industry trends drive 6SigmaET’s software development. We regularly investigate thermal trends in our Thermal Focus Series, which you can find here. Our team is conscious that liquid cooling is fast becoming a consideration in electronics design. This push inspired many of the improvements found in Release 15. 

Matt Evans, Senior Product Engineer, explains, “We know how important it is for users to have models that are not only accurate, but fast to solve. This is especially true when modelling complex liquid cooling systems.” Many of the improvements in this release were developed with that in mind.

Here are some highlights:

•Release 15 is the only thermal management software in the electronics industry offering a fully integrated connection between the 1D network and the 3D model
•Use multiple solution regions when solving to accelerate solve times on complex 3D liquid cooled models
•Create and analyze accurate models quickly with photorealistic graphics, 60 fps model manipulation and ray tracing technology
•Release 15 has one of the fastest GPU radiation calculations on the market

Learn more about how 6SigmaET Release 15 can support your thermal simulation needs here.

Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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