Expert Panel on Thermal Challenges in IT

27 March, 2019

At Future Facilities, we’re dedicated to developing the best thermal simulation products on the market. With rapidly changing technology demands and emerging design trends, continuous development is vital to ensure that our products accurately simulate the challenges facing today’s engineers in the real-world.
To understand these challenges, we have undertaken numerous research projects into the demands and expectations of modern thermal engineers. In 2017 we kicked off this project with our Heat is On research, surveying 350 design engineers to understand their current and future design requirements. Next, in 2018, we spoke to 170 thermal simulation professionals to find out exactly what they needed from our platform.
This year, we wanted to refine our understanding even further — examining the specific needs of those working throughout various sectors of the electronics industry. Through a series of ‘Thermal Focus’ groups, we are bringing together thermal experts from some of the world’s leading brands to discuss their current thermal simulation challenges, and the trends that they believe will shape the future of electronics and thermal design.
Starting with electronics in IT, we brought together a panel of leading experts including:
Jennifer DeLaOsa, Associate Editor, ECN Magazine
Chris Aldnam, Product Manager, 6SigmaET
Saket Karaiqikar, Senior Thermal Engineer, Facebook
Enesto Ferrer, Senior Thermal Engineer, HP Enterprise,
Steven Schon, Chief Technology Officer, QuantaCool
Gary Testa, President & CEO, Engineered Fluids
Tom Crast, Director of Engineering, CommScope
Jason Matteson, Senior Solutions Architect, Vertiv
Bahgat Sammakia, Professor Mechnical Engineering, Binghamton University
Over the course of three hours, this panel discussed the key electronics challenges facing the IT industry, as well as the new AI, IoT, 5G and edge computing technologies that are representing the biggest opportunities.
To find out more about the discussion, download our full Thermal Focus in IT eBook.

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