Engineering Design Show 2018, 17-18 October, Coventry UK

4 September, 2018

The Engineering Design Show is the UK's only event entirely dedicated to engineering, electronics and embedded design. The show provides the ideal environment for design engineers to benefit from direct access to the latest products, services and innovations available to the sector.

Please join us for our workshop during this year's Engineering Design Show. 

Session Title: 

Why Cutting-Edge Electronics Needs State-of-the-Art Thermal Simulation

Workshop Synopsis: 

There are so many things to consider when designing cutting-edge electronics that oversights happen easily. One crucial area that can be overlooked is the thermal design. We’ve all heard about electronics devices overheating…

As if that’s not enough, design requirements are often contradictory. So, the best PCB layout for signal integrity is often the worst for thermal design. In the end, getting a good design that also boasts robust thermal performance is a tough ask.

But we’re here to help. Our award-winning thermal simulation tool – 6SigmaET – gives you a unique visual representation of the temperature and airflow. And that allows you to optimize your designs so that they are ‘right’ before you even consider physical prototyping. 

During This Session You Will Learn: 

  1. Why it is important to consider thermal issues when designing electronics
  2. The challenges of meeting both electrical and thermal requirements
  3. How thermal simulation can lead to better design decisions
  4. How simulation can enable innovation and save your company time and money.


Tom Gregory, Product Manager

For more information about the event, please click here.


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