Embedded Computing Design Podcast Highlights

15 November, 2019

With 6SigmaET celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year, we were lucky enough to be invited on to the Embedded Computing Design Podcast to speak about how our software – and the wider world of thermal engineering – has changed over the last decade. 

On the show’s "Industry Insiders" segment, EU correspondent Alix Paultre interviewed our product manager Chris Aldham in depth about the developments in our software over the past 10 years.

After explaining the key features to the other podcast industry insiders, Paultre discussed the benefits of 6SigmaET’s single-platform solution – something which isn’t available anywhere else on the market.

He went on to explain that it’s the ability to exchange thermal models and import CAD models that makes 6SigmaET the solution for modern engineers.

The Importance of Simulation

It doesn’t take an industry insider to understand the benefits of thermal simulation for building reliable designs. Both Chris and Alix agreed that design margins are slimmer than ever, and the cost implications of failure are high. In Alix’s words, “you need advanced tools to create advanced products.”

Embedded wanted to know how the product has evolved in the past decade and Chris explained that while the basic physics and functionalities have stayed the same; the models, computing power, user comfort and access to high performance computing systems have massively accelerated how 6SigmaET can be used. Alix refers to the trend of increasingly smaller and more powerful devices as a "circular demand process," one that will drive major investment in thermal simulation in future.

To listen to the podcast in full, and learn more about 6SigmaET’s innovations over the past 10 years, download the full episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts