EDS Reconnect: Why Thermal Simulation is a Must for Electronics Design

22 April, 2021

6SigmaET Product Manager Tom Gregory recently presented Why Thermal Simulation is a Must for Electronics Design at EDS Reconnect. While in the past engineers have thought of thermal simulation as a “nice-to-have,” Tom explains why thermal simulation is a “must-have” for effective electronics design. His presentation also demonstrates specifically how thermal simulation software 6SigmaET can improve the electronics design process.

Why is thermal design critical?

Thermal design is critical for modern electronics for three main reasons: 

Performance: If a device gets too hot, it will not function properly.
Reliability: If a device gets too hot, it can fail prematurely.
Safety: If a device gets too hot, it can become too hot to touch or even risk starting a fire. 

Our research has found that 45% of engineers’ top design priority is reliability and 33% acknowledge that they need to spend more time on thermal management. Despite these numbers, 27% of engineers wait until after a design has been completed before they consider testing for thermal issues. 

It’s clear that thermal design needs to be considered earlier in the design process to ensure performance, reliability, and safety. Thermal simulation makes this possible.

Thermal Simulation for Electronics Design

Thermal simulation allows you to create a digital twin of a real product or design and uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to predict temperature and airflow. Thermal simulation enables effective thermal design by highlighting issues much earlier in the electronics design process so it’s easier to rectify them. Tom describes how thermal simulation software 6SigmaET works well at all stages of the design process in his presentation, which you can watch here.

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Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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