Delivering on the Benefits of Parallel Solving

31 August, 2017

Engineers are constantly under pressure to deliver products to market quickly. Simulation can dramatically speed up development by reducing the number of physical prototypes. However accurate thermal simulations are computationally intensive and can sometimes take hours or days solve.


Improvements in processor technology has dramatically sped up thermal simulation. However due to technological limitations processor clock speeds are no longer rising significantly. This led processor manufacturers to develop multi-core processors to improve performance. Software must be developed to take advantage of multi-core processors.

6SigmaET has been developed from that start to take advantage of powerful multi-core processors. Simulation solve times in 6SigmaET can be dramatically reduced by solving on multiple cores.

Parallel solving in 6SigmaET divides the simulation work-load across processor cores, and can even utilise multiple computers in high-performance clusters. This enables you to get simulation results faster - without having to manually simplify your model or compromise its accuracy.

The latest version of 6SigmaET, Release 11, offers the most advanced parallel solving capabilities ever thanks to a number of significant improvements ‘under the hood’ - delivering faster solves than ever before.

Even compared to the previous version of 6SigmaET, the parallel solving performance of Release 11 has been improved by up to a factor of 2.5. Compared to solving using only one core, Release 11 can  solve over 30x faster than solving on 1 core.

We have recently published a new paper detailing the parallel solving performance of Release 11. To find out more, read the paper here.