Cloud Solving Delivers ‘No Compromise’ Thermal Simulation

13 October, 2017

Our new State of Thermal report highlights that nearly a quarter of thermal engineers say that their organisations are struggling to keep up with the hardware required to support today’s resource-intensive thermal simulation software packages.

That is hardly surprising. Given the complex nature of modern electronics, most thermal simulation software requires a significant amount of processing power.

However, with delivery schedules continually shrinking and development costs squeezed, there is increasing demand for simulation tools to deliver accurate results quickly. Getting reliable results at speed without compromising accuracy though only increases the pressure for engineers to have the latest hardware.

Cloud Solving - Not all sunshine and blue skies

The challenge is that usually this necessitates a substantial up-front investment in high performance computing hardware. Indeed, our State of Thermal research shows that 81% of thermal engineers say they still use desktop PCs/workstations to run their simulations, while 25% say they run simulations on laptops. But cost constraints or slow upgrade cycles can mean this hardware rapidly falls behind the required performance levels for simulation.

How then to square this circle? The answer, of course, lies in the cloud. By taking advantage of cloud computing platforms thermal engineers can access far more computing power than they would ever have available ‘locally’ – removing hardware limitations from the equation completely.

36% of the thermal engineers we surveyed agreed that their organisations would benefit from being able to solve their simulations in the cloud. Despite this, as it stands only 2% of thermal engineers currently use the cloud for solving.

This goes to show the limitations of legacy simulation tools. Without the option to solve in the cloud traditional simulation packages are simply unable to support the current and future needs of thermal engineers.

In contrast, we have partnered with high performance cloud computing platform Rescale specifically to help engineers overcome hardware challenges. Through this partnership, 6SigmaET users gain access to as much as 1,400 petaflops of computing power delivered via Rescale’s 30 data centers and over 8 million servers.

We firmly believe that thermal engineers cannot continue to rely on traditional hardware solutions if they are to deliver the simulation results expected of them without compromise. The future very much lies in the cloud.

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