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23 August, 2021

If you’re in the electronics design business, you may have noticed that thermal expectations have changed in the last decade. Thermal design is no longer a final test that teams run during physical prototyping. Successful thermal design for electronics starts considerably earlier now—within the first stages of theoretical design. 

CFD software enables electronics designers to get thermal design right the first time, well before physical prototyping. 

What is CFD Software?

CFD software stands for Computational Fluid Dynamics software. CFD software creates accurate thermal models of electronics. CFD software provides a unique visual representation of temperature and airflow inside electronics equipment. This visual element enables data-driven engineering decisions. 

Learn how you can design, optimize, and verify with CFD software.

Picking the Right CFD Software for You

CFD software has the reputation of being used solely to improve product reliability. Our research, however, demonstrates that CFD software is currently used for far more than just that. Thermal engineers use CFD software to improve performance, ensure user safety, and secure certification as well. 

6SigmaET is the CFD software for the thermal engineer that wants accurate, fast results. 6SigmaET provides fast solve speeds, advanced modeling & gridding, ECXML neutral file format support, accurate simulation for UL safety certification, and advanced liquid cooling capabilities.

With an 88% satisfaction rate for gridding capabilities and solving speeds, in comparison to 46% and 20% respectively for competing software platforms, 6SigmaET boasts a happy userbase. 

Find out why 99% of 6SigmaET users would recommend the platform to other thermal engineers.

CFD Software Empowers Thermal Engineers

Devices get smaller and more powerful with each new design iteration. This means that there is growing pressure to pack more functionality into tighter spaces, which in turn creates some challenging thermal design constraints. 

CFD software empowers thermal engineers with a unique visual representation of temperature and airflow, so it’s easier to optimize thermal design to overcome such constraints. Get in contact with a member of our team to learn if 6SigmaET is the right CFD software for you. 

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Blog written by: Tom Gregory, Product Manager

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