6SigmaET Tips: Reduce Grid Size Using Approximate Modeling Detail

21 March, 2017

Importing mechanical CAD into 6SigmaET and converting it to intelligent objects is quick and simple. However, CAD models often contain an incredible level of detail; a lot of CAD models even going as far as including individual screw threads and engravings. A lot of this detail isn't necessary, even when creating a detailed thermal model, and can result in an unnecessary amount of grid.

In 6SigmaET you can set an object to ‘approximate’ which means that no additional grid is generated and it is captured as best as possible by the existing grid in that region. Taking a screw as an example, approximate would mean that no details of the head are captured but the blockage of the screw hole would be captured i.e. no fluid would leak through the hole where the screw is meant to be.

How does it work?

Simply multi-select the desired objects and in the property sheet under ‘cooling’ set ‘Modelling Detail’ to ‘Approximate’.

Modelling Detail.PNG

Using this method you will be able to quickly reduce the grid without the hassle of simplifying CAD.