6SigmaET Tips: Increase Number of Cores for CFD Generation

7 March, 2017

Does your model take a long time to initialize?

You can speed up this process by increasing the number of cores for CFD generation. By default, this is set to ‘2’ and remains set to ‘2’ no matter how many cores you are using for solving.

How Does it work?

1. Click File

2. Click Options

3. Click Data

4. Type the desired value into the ‘Number of Cores for CFD generation’ box

CFD Generation 1.PNG

Or when using batch:

1. Add New Jobs

2. Increase value in ‘Number of Cores for CFD generation’ box under ‘Set Solve Options’

CFD Generation 2.PNG

At 6SigmaET we use this feature regularly, particularly when dealing with complex models. As a general rule of thumb, we wouldn’t increase this setting to more than the number of physical cores.