6SigmaET Tips and Tricks: Use the Align Tool to Locate MCAD within the Chassis

23 November, 2017

3D mechanical CAD is commonplace within engineering and many 6SigmaET users take advantage of ET’s ability to import and handle complex MCAD in order to create detailed models. However, when importing. stl files they may not line up in the chassis correctly – as this is dependent on the location of the origin in the. stl file - giving you a number of ‘containment errors’. Here is a quick way to properly locate MCAD within a chassis

Firstly select ‘CH1 (Chassis)’ in the model tree and then use ctrl click to select the group obstruction representing the MCAD. You can then right click and select ‘Align’.

Align 1.PNG

Next, set the align option for each axis to ‘Low’.

Align 2.PNG

This brings the CAD group obstruction nicely inside the chassis.

Align 3.PNG

Finally, you can resize the chassis in all 3 dimensions using (making sure to hold shift to snap to geometry) and uninstall the chassis sides.

Align 4.PNG

You can also use align to centre CAD in a larger domain by setting the align option for each axis to ‘Centre’ instead of 'Low'.

By: Matt Evans, Product Engineer