6SigmaET R15: Electronics Cooling Simulation for Novice and Advanced Users Alike

23 March, 2021

Our most recent version of 6SigmaET, Release 15, has new features to help you solve your thermal compliance issues with ease. Traditionally, thermal simulation software has been thought of as complex and somewhat difficult to navigate. That’s why intuitive features aimed at ease of use continue to be at the forefront of our software development.

“In order to get the best results, your simulation software needs to have the best features possible. We know how important it is that your thermal simulation software is fast, so we’ve focused a lot of our energy on building out new automations,” explains Development Manager Chris Aldham.

We already had an extensive library of intelligent objects, automatic grid generation and a modern drag-and-drop interface in previous releases. For Release 15, we’ve added new automations that we think will help a variety of users. Here are some highlights:

•Readymade reporting templates
•Automated model creation and post processing with 6SigmaCommander 
•Third party optimization and AI integrations
•Enhanced graphics and 60 fps model manipulation

Find out what else is new in 6SigmaET Release 15 here.

Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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