6SigmaET Announces New Industry-Wide Research Report, “State of Thermal."

3 October, 2017

The vast majority of thermal engineers depend on simulation tools in order to deliver powerful, safe and reliable devices to the market. Ideally these simulation tools offer reliable, fast, accurate results. But is that the actual experience of thermal simulation for engineers?

In order to answer that question, we commissioned in-depth, independent research with over 170 thermal engineers. This research examine their attitudes towards thermal simulation, how easy it is for them to run simulations successfully and whether they have the right tools to support them.

The findings of this research – which included users of nine of the top thermal simulation suites – has been summarised in our new State of Thermal report. This analysis provides invaluable insight into the changing face of thermal analysis in 2017.

The report highlights that there is widespread frustration with many of the simulation tools currently on the market. According to our research, many engineers find their tools limited, difficult to understand and time consuming to use. In fact, 71% of the engineers we surveyed said they were not completely satisfied with their simulation software.

The State of Thermal report explores why these frustrations exist and what engineers should be looking for in order to overcome these all too common challenges.

So if you are a thermal engineer interested in your peers’ views, looking to drive greater efficiency in your designs, or considering investing in new thermal simulation software, this report is for you.


The full State of Thermal report is available to download for free from here.