2021: Expert Panel on Thermal Challenges in the Aerospace Industry

3 February, 2021

Following the success of our ‘Thermal Focus’ groups on LED and automotive in 2020, the 6SigmaET team at Future Facilities has now turned its attention to the aerospace industry with its latest industry report: ‘Thermal Focus: Aerospace.’

Each focus group brings together leading professionals, engineers and experts to uncover the latest trends that are shaping the industry, as well as some of the key challenges they face today.

This year, our panel of leading thermal management experts from across the aerospace industry included:

  • William Villers, TEN TECH LLC
  • Johanne Sevigny, CMC Electronics
  • Wessel Wits, Thales Group
  • David Flores, Physical Optics Corporation (POC)
  • Mark Seymour, Future Facilities

To learn more about the future of the aerospace industry and find out what opportunities, challenges and trends our expert panel discussed, download our full Thermal Focus: Aerospace e-book.

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