2020: Expert Panel on Thermal Challenges with LEDs

23 March, 2020

Here at Future Facilities, we’re committed to building the best thermal simulation for every sector in the electronics space. That’s why, over the last few years, we’ve undertaken various research projects to understand the changing expectations, challenges and demands of today’s thermal engineers.
In 2017 we kicked off this project with our Heat is On research, surveying 350 design engineers to understand their current and future design requirements. Next, in 2018, we spoke to 170 thermal simulation professionals to find out exactly what they needed from our platform.
Last year, we launched the first of our ‘Thermal Focus’ groups. These focus groups bring together thermal experts from some of the world’s biggest electronics brands, discussing their current thermal simulation challenges, and the trends that they believe will shape the future of electronics and thermal design.
Following on the from the success of our IT Thermal Focus group in 2019, we are happy to announce the next in this series – aimed at providing in-depth insights from the LED electronics community.
To achieve this, we brought together a panel of leading thermal management experts from across the LED space, including:
  • Genevieve Martin, Competence Leader, Signify
  • Norbert Engelberts, Founder, Optimal Thermal Solutions
  • Ad Musters, Managing Director, Thal Technologies
  • Chris Aldham, Product Manager, 6SigmaET
Over the course of three hours, this panel discussed the key electronics challenges facing the LED industry, as well as the new opportunities posed by evolving LED and thermal management technologies. 
To find out more about the discussion, download our full Thermal Focus: LEDs ebook.