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10 years of simulation

In 2019, Future Facilities celebrates the ten-year anniversary of its thermal simulation tool, 6SigmaET. From sophisticated gridding to virtual reality, the last ten years has seen the 6SigmaET platform evolve dramatically, working with a vast range of leading electronics, engineering and manufacturing brands along the way.

In celebration of this landmark year, here are a few of 6SigmaET’s historic highlights.

Simulation in 2009

Future Facilities launches 6SigmaET...

its thermal modeling and simulation tool specifically designed for the electronics industry. Launched at Semi-Therm, the new software builds on Future Facilities existing work in the data centre space, bringing advanced thermal solving technology to electronics design.

Newly launched 6SigmaET gains its first users...

including Vestas, Kneurr, Sagemcom and aerospace engineering giant, Thales. 2009 also saw Future Facilities open its Japan office.

Simulation in 2010

Optimal Thermal Solutions (OTS) adopts 6SigmaET...

as its thermal simulation platform. With over 70 years of combined experience in the thermal management market, OTS works with a global network of suppliers and manufacturers of thermal management products.

“6SigmaET is fast, fits our thermal modeling needs perfectly, and experimental testing in our laboratories has proven that the simulation results predict component temperatures with accuracy.” Norbert Engelberts, Founder, OTS

6SigmaET launches its second major release...

bringing revolutionary updates to the platform, including simulation of transients and liquid cooling components such as pumps, ducts and pipe work. Future Facilities also launched 6SigmaET in APAC and expanding its distributor network to Germany, France and Italy.

Simulation in 2011

6SigmaET starts working with Facebook’s Open Compute Project...

improving the thermal design of the group’s Intel-based servers.

Researchers from the University of Texas at Arlington used 6SigmaET to create, simulate and fine tune their proposed solution to the servers’ thermal design issues.

Read the full case study

6SigmaET Release 7 is launched...

bringing a host of new applications. Key additions including the simulation of joule heating, solar radiation and support for Delphi compact component modeling. These updates helped Future Facilities double sales of 6SigmaET throughout 2011.

Simulation in 2012

Multi-national infrastructure provider CommScope adopts 6SigmaET...

with customers in over 130 countries, CommScope is at the forefront of intelligent communications infrastructure. As one of the company’s largest customers at the time, this deal put 6SigmaET on the map for thermal simulation and design.

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Thermacore works with 6SigmaET on the EU’s NanoHex liquid cooling research project...

NanoHex represents a cutting-edge nanotechnology project aimed at developing revolutionary industrial cooling systems.

View slideshare

Simulation in 2013

Bosch Multimedia Portugal adopts 6SigmaET...

as its thermal simulation platform for electronics.

“6SigmaET proved to be the best market choice due to its ability to import all BOSCH PCB and product files, by its simulation speed and for its flexibility to adapt to different simulation environments.”
Miguel Peixoto, Process Engineer, BOSCH

6SigmaET Release 8 is launched...

introducing intelligent automation and modeling, along with simplified PCB layers and support for importing IDX, XFL and power maps.

Simulation in 2014 launches...

cementing 6SigmaET’s role as a vital subset of the Future Facilities brand and a key product offering for the business. The new website also acts as a hub for blogs and information on the electronics simulation side of Future Facilities.

6SigmaET’s releases its unique unstructured solver...

launched as part of 6SigmaET Release 9, the new solver represented a revolutionary step in the platform’s ability to solve complex simulations efficiently and at speed.

Release 9 also introduced a modern ribbon-based user, enhanced modeling and easy import of Gerber file formats from EDA tools.

Read how 6SigmaET’s unstructured solver works in Electronic Design magazine

Simulation in 2015

French media and entertainment giant Technicolor SA switches from Siemens to 6SigmaET...

to optimize the heat output of its set-top boxes.

“I liked 6SigmaET because it’s specific to electronics: no need to define everything, a component is a component. I am very satisfied with the software” Patrice Vachus, Technicolor SA

6SigmaET voted ‘Product of the Year’ at the Engineering Simulation Show awards...

bringing together the foremost products and services within the simulation field, the Engineering Simulation Show celebrates the best thermal simulation tools on the market. The newly launched ninth release secured 6SigmaET’s place as a market-leading CFD tool.

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Simulation in 2016

Military and aerospace engineering firm Ten Tech adopts 6SigmaET...

for its advanced modeling and liquid cooling simulation capabilities. This decision cut the firm’s average modeling time by 30%.

“6SigmaET’s high-performance, cloud-based solving allowed us to scale without hardware limitations, giving us the opportunity to double the number of projects we can take on.” William Villers, Director of Engineering, TEN TECH LLC

6SigmaET takes simulation to the cloud...

partnering with cloud computing firm Rescale, Future Facilities adds cloud-based high-performance computing capabilities to both 6SigmaET and 6SigmaDCX. This new functionality allows engineers to develop and solve complex simulations regardless of the available hardware.

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Simulation in 2017

Research launched with over 350 engineers...

by 6SigmaET to understand the role of thermal management in electronics design.

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Working with Intel, 6SigmaET launches a neutral file format for thermal simulation...

the new format allows engineers to share simulation data between different platforms encouraging collaboration and providing an open standard for the industry.

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Rohde and Schwartz, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of IT, test and measurement products, adopts 6SigmaET...

for its device designs, assembly use cases and chips.

In a side-by-side comparison with other simulation software solutions — conducted by Rohde and Schwartz — 6SigmaET was found to provide faster preparation time, faster pre-processing and faster solve times. This meant a total increase in efficiency of 35%.

View Slideshare

Simulation in 2018

6SigmaET launches VR simulation tool...

the newly launched twelfth release of 6SigmaET supports Oculus Rift technology, allowing engineers to physically walk around ‘inside’ their designs, identifying inefficiencies and thermal hotspots from a whole new perspective.

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Research launched with over 170 thermal engineers... 6SigmaET explores the changing face of thermal simulation.

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Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) adopts 6SigmaET...

using the software across various electronics and lighting projects and designs.

“6SigmaET showed excellent agreement with our empirical and analytical modeling. It is my highest compliment to the 6SigmaET development team for putting together such a robust and effective software.” Kaveh Azar, CEO of ATS
Read the full ATS case study

Simulation in 2019

6SigmaET wins Elektra award for best Design Tool and Development Software...

the award recognized 6SigmaET’s speed, VR capabilities and advanced solver technology.

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And Beyond

“As we look ahead to the next 10 years, Future Facilities will continue its commitment to revolutionary thermal design, with 6SigmaET leading the charge for fast, accurate and efficient simulation in the electronics space. Now with offices across London, San Jose and Tokyo, and resellers all around the world, Future Facilities is perfectly placed to serve and grow our international client base, helping to shape the next generation of electronics equipment and designs. At the heart of this growth is our outstanding team, who’s innovation over the last ten years has turned 6SigmaET into a true leader in the thermal simulation market.”

Hassan Moezzi, CEO, Future Facilities

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