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What Makes 6SigmaET Unique?

6SigmaET is an electronics thermal modeling tool that uses advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to create accurate models of electronic equipment. Designed specifically for the electronics industry, our thermal simulation software ushers in unparalleled intelligence, automation and accuracy to help you meet your requirements and overcome thermal design challenges.

Since its inception in 2009, 6SigmaET has become the fastest growing thermal simulation software in the electronics cooling market.


Powerful Solver Technology


Engineers can’t wait days for a thermal simulation to solve. Our powerful solver can quickly handle even the most complex models.

Powerful Features

Intelligent Components


Built-in intelligent components know how they should behave, and are placed according to how they fit together with other objects.

Intelligent Features

Connecting Teams


Automated report generation and industry-defined file formats allow you to easily exchange data and results with your engineering team.

Connected Features

Automatic Checking for Modelling Errors


6SigmaET automatically checks for modeling errors and generates grid, so you can get the right results the first time you solve.

Automatic Features


Industry Verticals

The versatility of 6SigmaET allows you to simulate the thermal performance of electronic components: ranging from the smallest ICs to the largest, most powerful servers. Learn more about 6SigmaET's value to your industry by watching one of our videos or exploring our case studies.

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6SigmaET is able to model the smallest details of an LED and heat sink geometry to ensure the best possible thermal performance before prototypes are tested.

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Vertical Consumer

Consumer Electronics

The complete CAD geometry of a device and PCB design can be imported into 6SigmaET for thermal analysis, reducing model creation time. Further time can be saved by using the 6SigmaET library, which can store parts for reuse in future thermal simulation projects.


Servers & Racks

6SigmaET's intelligent object library makes placing and switching modules in the right locations easy, and temperature-controlled axial/radial fans and blowers are available to be parametrically defined within the software for thermal modeling of electronics.

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Aerospace & Defense

Electronics products developed for military and aerospace face unique challenges: they need to be rugged, while still working correctly at high altitudes. 6SigmaET can model high levels of complexity—including liquid cooling—providing you with the ultimate toolset from a thermal simulation standpoint.

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In the coming years, designing proper thermal solutions for autonomous and connected vehicles will become even more of a challenge. With 6SigmaETs' ability to work with built-in automation, you can design the best solution for cooling electronics while balancing performance and cost. ​​​

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