6SigmaET Release 11 Now Available!

18 April, 2017

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We are pleased to announce that 6SigmaET Release 11 is now available. Existing users can download Release 11 by clicking here. If you're not currently a user, you can request a free trial here.

At 6SigmaET, we are continually evolving our toolsets to keep our users ahead in a fast-paced market. In Release 11, we’ve focused our improvements on four key areas:

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1. Accurate results, faster than ever

We understand that the constant pressure to reduce time to market means you need thermal simulation results quickly. To help with this, we have continued research and development on our award-winning solver to deliver accurate results even faster than before.

We have optimized our algorithms so that models now converge even faster. Our radiation view factor and Joule Heating calculations are now performed in parallel, dramatically reducing solve times. If you don’t have a high performance computer in your office, you can now solve on powerful cloud-based servers directly from 6SigmaET.

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2. Streamlined model creation

Our goal is to accelerate your thermal design process, so in 6SigmaET R11 we made some commonly-used features even easier to use.

PCB layouts are now imported through a simple and intuitive wizard, so you can bring in complex boards with traces and vias in seconds. We’ve also made improvements to our sketching tools, making it easier to draw and modify cable routes and cooling ducts.

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3. Solving at any scale

Developments in computer hardware and the ability to solve models on the cloud are enabling engineers to add ever-more detail to their models.

6SigmaET’s automatic gridding has been optimized in R11 so you can model at any scale: from the smallest features in a microprocessor to large industrial equipment many meters in size. Furthermore, 6SigmaET can now solve models with up to 700M grid cells – more than enough cells to cope with almost any challenge.

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4. Improved modelling

In response to industry change and requests from our customers, we have continued to expand and improve the capabilities of 6SigmaET’s intelligent modelling objects.

We have added a shielding can object so EMI/EMC cans can now be easily defined and modeled, and improved the representation of fan swirl on axial fans. We have also made it possible to accurately model planar isotropic materials on complex CAD geometry.